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Tasks with Tipcards - Step by Step (1/5)

Incremental worked examples


Tasks with Tipcards are a methodical format rather similar to the use of sample solutions. The major difference is that the steps from describing the problem to the final solution is not presented in one piece but in smaller portions. The students will use the numbered hints respectively informations when required.

In Germany this format was first adapted for science lessons by Josef Leisen, afterwords it was subject to research and further development at the University of Kassel. There is evidence that using the method can improve learning and understanding widely - provided that certain conditions are respected (see list on the right).

There are many ready-made examples (mostly in german) for free use, but one of the big advantages is that the hints can be be easily adjusted to the state of learning in a class. Therefore alle the tools and templates are provided for free as well.

You will see that there are three different versions of this format: a paper-based version, a version providing the hints via tablet or smartphone and finally a fully computer-based one, all working after the same principles:

Giving a task to be solved and providing hints and tips on the way to the solution.

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